July 4 - Super Freight, a Mumbai-based project freight forwarder, arranged the delivery of two ship hull sections in a move it describes as a "first of its kind in India".

The two pieces weighed about 1,750 tonnes each and were transported to their client's ship building yard at Dabhol, on the west coast of India, where they were rolled onto a floating dry dock.

"To carry out this ocean transport we chartered a new vessel, Hanjin Pioneer, considering its large width of 38 m and low loaded draft of 3.5 m which was required to cross the sand bar at the entrance to Dabhol Port," explained Capt. B.M. Mandrekar, managing director of Super Freight.

"The vessel had a minimum moulded depth of 8 m along with a large ballast capacity. This was necessary because at Yantai the vessel had to level off with the roll-off jetty, which had a high clearance above the high tide level. At Dabhol the vessel had to submerge to an air draft of only 2.5 m whilst rolling off cargo onto the floating dock."

Super Freight is an independent, privately owned company, which has been active in the international market for over a decade. The company offers expertise in the field of project cargo forwarding, with a core competency in the end-to-end movement of heavy lift pieces.