February 18 - Malaysia-based Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN) member Trans International Logistics has worked with a client to complete the movement of a synthetic Latex plant from Europe to Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. The project had a total weight of

Trans International worked as indirect tax exemption consultants for the project and was able to apply its expertise in submitting, tabulating and obtaining exemption approvals from the Malaysian authorities. It also applied and obtained import permits and governmental certification from regulatory bodies for the importation of the equipment and machinery.

The main items of the consignment were three reactors of 95 tonnes each and three 65 tonnes strippers and other over-dimensional cargoes. For the heavy lift movements, on-carriage to site was arranged on multi-axle trailers after temporary storage on elephant legs and beams so as to be in co-ordination with the plant site-readiness and receiving management requirements.