March 28 - Talbert Manufacturing has introduced its 55-ton (50-tonne) extendable heavy haul trailer, the 55SA-TELE.

The 55SA-TELE can be used to haul a wide range of large equipment, such as bridge beams, conveyors, generators, pressure vessels and tanks, says Talbert. The trailer can be retracted to 32 ft 6 inches (9.9 m), making the unit 53 ft (16.15 m). Talbert claims the shorter configuration of the 55SA-TELE eliminates the need for permits on return journeys and empty legs, which saves time and reduces costs.

Troy Geisler, Talbert Manufacturing vice president of sales and marketing, said: "Our customers needed a way to minimise costs to remain competitive when transporting the ever longer loads, and the retractable deck helps them do that. The 55SA-TELE gives customers the long deck length they need to transport equipment, yet offers the retractable option to fall within legal length on return trips."

The unit features a 29 ft (8.83 m) wooden deck in the front and a 3 ft (0.9 m) platform in the rear made from Apitong hardwood with beams stretching between. It also includes a 90 inch (2.28 m) swing radius that can be extended to 114 inches (2.89 m) with the use of a gooseneck extension, which optimises the deck length while keeping it within the legal 53 ft (16.15 m) limit when retracted.

The 55SA-TELE is equipped with its ENitro nitrogen assisted dampening system, which provides proportional weight distribution in each axle grouping.