October 12 - Kurt, a working civil engineering platform belonging to Tiefbau GmbH Unterweser (TAGU) 50 m long and 22 m wide, and weighing almost 1,000 tonnes proved a challenging cargo for the two cranes of the multipurpose heavy lift project vessel Belug

Although each onboard crane can handle a maximum individual lift of 700 tonnes, this lift was extreme due to Kurt´sdimensions and the cranes were working almost to their furthest outreach.

Loaded in the port of BrakeTambek Jakson, a cargo superintendent of Beluga Shipping said that as the platform is not made for being lifted and loaded, Beluga's engineers had to design special fittings and attach them to the platform.

Kurt is headed for Odessa, where it will be used to enlarge a quay wall.

Accompanying Kurt was several thousand tonnes of steel below deck including hundreds of 30 m steel profiles made by ThyssenKrupp and loaded in four layers under deck in the cargo hold.