April 23 - Santiago de Chile-headquartered Tecnitransport has executed the delivery of an entire coal fired power plant in Huasco, Chile.

The largest items moved were a 200-tonne turbine measuring 8.45 m x 6.74 m x 5.77 m, and a 270-tonne generator measuring 11.9 m x 3.97 m x 3.51 m.
To complete these moves, Tecnitransport mobilised brand new self-propelled trailers (SPT) featuring a 250 kw power pack unit and four propelled Nicolas axle trailers.
After the chartered vessel arrived from Japan, both cargoes were loaded separately onto the SPTs and moved to the final jobsite, where they were offloaded using Tecnitransport's 800-tonne capacity gantry crane.
A video of the project can be seen here.
Upon completion of this job, Tecnitransport moved the SPT equipment to the south of Chile to complete a job for Colbun/Hyundai, which consisted of moving a 295-tonne transformer (11.37 m x 4.08 m x 4.07 m) from Puerto Coronel to the coal power plant Santa Maria.
Using the same trailer configuration, the heavy equipment was safely moved from the port terminal on public roads to its final position at the power plant.
Tecnitransport claims to be the only organisation in Chile operating this SPT equipment.
See more of this project here.
Tecnitransport is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network, representing Chile.