July 12 - Wind turbine transport company, Ter Linden Transport, has placed large order with Nooteboom Trailers for its latest TELE-PX Super Wing Carrier, writes Alice Davidson.

As a result of developments in the wind turbine sector, the length of blades can now measure up to around 60m. According to Ter Linden, it has become virtually impossible to carry blades that are longer than 45m using the current semi-trailers with turntable steering.

In response to this, Nooteboom has developed a special semi-trailer that is marketed under the name of Super Wing Carrier. This is equipped with pendle axles, which provides it with a much wider steering angle and significantly more axle travel for extra ground clearance. These axles ensure the platform remains extremely stable, even at maximum steering angles.

The ability to extend and retract the axle assembly by more than 6m also makes the Super Wing Carrier so revolutionary, claims Nooteboom. With variable adjustment of both the wheelbase and the rear overhang of the wind turbine blade, there is no need to detach the blade from the load floor. The axle assembly can be adjusted on route - i.e. when negotiating a roundabout.

It is also equipped with a special mechanical construction in the gooseneck, which increases the total ground clearance of the semi-trailer - acting together with the pendle axles - by around 0.7m. This helps to negotiate roundabouts and prevents unnecessary wear of the tractor.

The new semi-trailer was developed in close cooperation with transport operators, Ter Linden Transport in particular. Vestas, a wind turbine manufacturer, said: "Now we are sure that we don't have to worry any more about the transportation of the new 54.6m blades of our new V112 turbine. This is the best solution so far!"