November 28 - Mobi-Hub has used a Terex CC 2800-1 lattice boom crawler crane to erect a wind turbine at a site near Koblenz, Germany.

The crane was transported from Terex's facility in Zweibrücken to the site, while 31 heavy haulage vehicles transported additional components required for the development from Berlin to the final destination.

The space available on site was extremely limited, said Terex, since the wind turbine was being erected in the middle of the forest, and the path that had been cleared for vehicles was extremely narrow.

In addition, the crane's boom, which measured 150 m in length, had to be assembled on sloping terrain. "On top of that, we had to use the suspended superlift tray with a weight of 325 tonnes," said Frank Strempel, who is in charge of the large cranes operated by Mobi-Hub.

Despite the challenges, the crane was successfully set up in two days. With a 138 m S7 boom, a 12 m fixed jib offset by 10 degrees, and 180 tonnes of counterweight, the crane could safely handle the three main lifts required to erect the turbine, said Terex.

The CC 2800-1 crawler first lifted the 48-tonne nacelle and the 71-tonne generator, which was the heaviest wind turbine component.

The rotor, which weighed about 68 tonnes, was then assembled and the crane was driven towards the wind turbine, with the load already rigged, on a gravel path that had been laid out earlier.