February 4 - Equipment manufacturer Terex Cranes has delivered a Terex CC 6800 crawler crane to Shandon Gulf Large Size Hoisting Equipment Co. Ltd (Gulf Hoisting), in China.

Gulf Hoisting specialises in the heavy lift sector and has a presence across China. According to chairman of Gulf Hoisting, Mr Limin, "Our Terex CC 6800 will be used in a wide range of sectors such as offshore and petrochemical engineering."

The 1,250 tonne Terex CC 6800 lattice boom crawler crane, featuring a maximum load movement of 13,952 tonnes, has been designed so that it can be easily transported worldwide. Its components are no wider than 3.5 m and weigh between 15 - 50 tonnes. According to Terex, the crane is at its best when building power plant facilities and erecting large wind turbines.