February 9 - Max B

"The fact that the Terex AC 350/6 (pictured below) is the most powerful crane in its class made it ideal for our purposes. The unit's maximum hook height and the corresponding lifting capacity on the main boom and the strong fixed jib were-quite literally-powerful arguments when it came to making a decision," explains foremanHerbert Wieseckl, who works at the Max Bögl Group's Heavy Equipment for Building Construction department.

The first of the two cranes was handed over at the Terex Zweibrücken location in November 2011. Sales representative Philipp Maurer handed over the AC 350/6, with the configuration requested by the customer (a 51 meter long main boom and a strong fixed jib), to crane operator Klaus Schmidt from Max Bögl GmbH. A few days later, Schmidt received the second crane, featuring the exact same configuration, and took it back to Nuemarkt.

The two Terex cranes already have a project waiting for them: they have been scheduled to erect a wind turbine close to Neumarkt, where they will be able to easily prove their worth.

With a total length of only 16.7 m, the AC 350/6 is the smallest 6-axle and most compact mobile crane in the 350 tonne capacity class, says Terex. This versatile crane can be used throughout a wide range: in the class of less than 220 tonnes, with partial counterweight, as an alternative to medium and large 5-axle mobile cranes. In the 200 - 350 tonne range, it is by far the most powerful crane of its class at this time, both regarding its main boom and its different extensions. Even jobs for a 400 tonne capacity class crane can be taken on with this machine - a territory that usually belongs to much larger cranes, says Terex.

A compact chassis and speed-dependent rear axle steering enable the crane to work within a remarkably small turning radius. In addition, the fact that the AC 350/6 is the only 350 tonne capacity class unit with a front overhang shorter than two metres means that it can be operated without additional escort personnel in a number of countries.

Additional attachments, whether required or optional, can be loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 2.55 m.

Founded in 1929, Max Bögl employs over 6,000 people and is the largest privately owned construction company in Germany today. The Max Bögl Transport & Geräte GmbH & Co business unit was founded in 1996, enabling the company to offer and perform projects as the sole responsible party both externally and within the group. Today, the Max Bögl Transport & Geräte GmbH & Co. KG business unit relies on over 950 employees in order to perform its activities, which include organising and performing transport operations and renting cranes, machines, and other equipment.

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