November 21 - Terex Cranes is expanding its Explorer series by adding a new model in the 130-tonne capacity class: the Explorer 5500.

The new crane features a 60 m long main boom, and three extensions of 11 m, 21 m, and 33 m are available, all of which can be offset. The maximum system length is 86.5 m.

The maximum load moment is 395 metre/tonnes, with a maximum lifting capacity when telescoping of 24.5 tonnes. Outrigger extension positions of 2.54 m, 4.7 m and 7 m can be selected.

With a carrier length of 12.1 m, a total length of 14.3 m, and a width of 2.75 m, Terex claims that this five-axle crane is more compact than any other in its capacity class, which enables its to be used inside cities as well as on narrow construction sites.

Furthermore, says Terex, all components of the Explorer 5500 can be transported using a single standard support vehicle. This results in low operating costs, as does the automatic counterweight setup system, which allows the crane to be made ready for operation quickly.