May 23 - Vernazza Autogr

Vernazza Autogrù was hired by the Italian railway network Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) to recover the train, which had derailed near the cliffs of Capo Mimosa and the adjacent waters.

Diego Vernazza, one of the owners of Vernazza Autogrù, explained that the company decided to build a crane barge - a sort of self-submerging dock that could transport the cranes to a position close to the cliff. "The fully equipped dock was 90 m long and 27 m wide, with an overall capacity of 11,700 tonnes," said Vernazza.

Once the barge was reinforced, Vernazza Autogrù secured a Terex AC 700 to the floating dock to perform most of the heavy lifting, while a Terex AC 100/4 all terrain crane was moved onto the railroad.

After the slings had been installed on the locomotive, the mobile cranes performed a combined lifting action in order to lift the train and set it in its proper position on the tracks.

Vernazza Autogrù used a 700-tonne capacity Terex AC 700, a 100-tonne capacity Terex AC 100/4 and a 140-tonne capacity Terex AC 140 crane to perform the job.