December 10 - Crane service provider Blüggel has used a Terex Challenger 3180 all terrain crane to lift and position a 14 m high Christmas tree in Winterberg, Germany.

In order to remove the tree from its location in Sauerland, the Terex crane had to be driven in over a narrow bike path, explained the manufacturer.

"That's why we chose our Challenger 3180 for this job. I deliberately selected this crane because it's only 2.55 m wide. It's short and compact and has a long boom, which definitely makes it stand out. It fit perfectly on the narrow bike path," explained company owner Friedrich Blüggel.

Once the crane had reached the site, suitable locations were dug out for the crane outriggers in the embankment of the path. The crane was equipped with 5.6 tonnes of counterweight, while the boom was extended to 34.9 m, ready to lift the tree out of the ground and load it directly onto the waiting flatbed trailer.

The transport combination then made its way to Winterberg, where the crane lifed the tree off the trailer and lifted it to a height of 28 m. With a working radius of 16 m, the Terex crane swivelled the tree over a prepared opening in the ground, where personnel were ready to securely anchor it in place.

Watch a video of the move below: