March 7 - Blue Water Shipping has transported 70 wind turbines for the White Rock Wind Farm in New South Wales, Australia.

As HLPFI reported, the first shipments arrived at the Port of Newcastle, Australia in November, 2016. According to Blue Water Shipping, the blades, which measured 59.5 m, are the longest blades to have arrived in Australia, and the project is the company's longest overland move of wind components in Australia.

The wind turbines, which were shipped from China, were transported 550 km from the port to the project site via a motorway, city areas and rough terrain. An 800 m stretch on one of the roads leading to the site was resurfaced to ensure that the road could carry the heavy loads.

After the remaining shipments of turbine blades are transported to the project site, Blue Water Shipping will be responsible for the transportation of 80 tower sections which are being manufactured in Portland, Australia. This will include overland transport of 1,700 km to the project site.

Meanwhile, Blue Water Shipping was awarded the stevedoring and port agency contracts for the Veja Mate Offshore Project in the North Sea. The project included loading 67 Siemens wind power 6 MW turbines on board installation vessels in the Port of Esbjerg, Denmark.

According to Blue Water Shipping, Siemens Wind Power chartered Seajack's Scylla and Fred Olsen Windcarrier's Bold Tern for the project. Both vessels arrived at Esbjerg in December and the installation process in underway, says BWS.