May 31 - Turkish forwarder, Magdenli Nakliyat has completed three impressive heavy lift transport projects in recent weeks.

The company handled the load and overland transport of two locomotives each weighing 67 tonnes from Tülomsa?/ Eski?ehir to Erdemir/ Kardeniz Eregli in Turkey.

 Meanwhile, four boiler tanks belonging to Aritas AS and measuring 25 m in length, 4.75 m in width and 4.95 m in height were loaded in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey and transported overland to Polatl?, Ankara, using the company's own vehicles.

The company's 180 tonne capacity mobile crane was used to unload the tanks from the vehicles at the Aritas storage area in Polatl?, Ankara.

Finally, working at night and using Magdenli's 500 tonne capacity crane, the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara has completed the installation of 16 bridge beams weighing 90 tonnes and 38 m in length in the construction of Atatürk Orman Çiftli?i Bridge crossing works.