June 26 - TIBA Algeria is coordinating the round trip of a 400-ton (362.8-tonne) electricity generator from the Ras-Djinet combined-cycle power plant in Algeria to Siemens' Muelheim plant in Germany via the Port of Rotterdam.

The machine, which measures 13 m x 5 m x 4 m, will be repaired at Siemens' plant before returning to Algeria in around three months. 

TIBA, chartered Combi Lift's semi-submersible vessel, Papenburg for the ocean carriage as it is equipped with a pontoon that could be used to overcome the draft restrictions of the loading pier at the Ras-Djinet plant.

After Papenburg docked in Algiers port, the pontoon was towed to the loading pier at Ras-Djinet by tug.

TIBA Algeria, which is working closely with TIBA Spain for the project, utilised 18 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT), with a capacity of 45 tons (40.8-tonnes) per axle, to load the generator onto the pontoon, before the tug returned both pontoon and its cargo back to Algiers for loading onto the Papenburg.

The vessel is currently in Rotterdam's Waalhaven, awaiting discharge of the generator for on-carriage to Muelheim.