October 2 - WWL ALS has handled the transport of an 85-tonne press from Kehl, Germany to Sheffield in the UK, via the port of Immingham.

The press, which had the dimensions 6.95 m x 2.82 m x 2.12 m, was shipped over from Germany to the port of Immingham, before being loaded onto a ten-axle trailer and transported by road to its final destination.

The press was positioned on 4 m wide certified beams for its journey to Sheffield, which was undertaken at night.

The WWL ALS team carried out a route and site survey beforehand, identifying uneven roads and a very narrow entrance at the customer's delivery point.

Local police were also consulted, and a road closure was required while the transit vehicle was jacked up, the support beams removed, and the press transferred onto SPMTs for its final journey.

The 85-tonne press was successfully manoeuvred through the narrow entrance with only centimetres to spare.