April 17 - Heavy-duty and special vehicle manufacturers Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag - members of the TII Group - are using Bauma 2013 in Munich to exhibit some of their latest product innovations.

Scheuerle is presenting its SPMT light - a compact trailer measuring 6.05 m x 2.43 m with four pendulum axles - ideal for smaller transport jobs in production halls. Payloads of up to 86 tonnes can be achieved per module while having a low deadweight of 10 tonnes.

Scheuerle is also displaying a wind tower bolster that can be mounted on its InterCombi and InterCombi SPE (self-propelled electronically steered) SPMTs, the Scheuerle-Kamag K25, and a range of Nicolas trailers. The wind tower bolster has a remote-controlled lifting and turning device, which can raise wind towers in a parallel position up to 0.75 m and transversely at an angle of 15 degrees. Tower segments can be turned left of right up to an angle of 30 degrees. This flexibility allows for wind tower segments to be easily transported to jobsites that are difficult to access, due to narrow roads or tight bends.

The Scheuerle-Nicolas Eurocompact modular trailer has been redesigned to be smaller than previous models - made possible by an off-set coupling between axle lines of the dolly bogie unit. It features a 9 m wide vehicle body, positioned low above the surface of the road (0.55 m) for the rear bogie unit. Design improvements include an increased payload capacity and a larger loading area with an unchanged overall trailer length when compared to older Eurocompact models.

Scheuerle-Nicolas is also displaying its Superflex trailer, suitable for both small shipments as well as heavy and special transports.

Nicolas is using Bauma 2013 to exhibit its latest MHD G2 - a modular heavy-duty trailer for condensed loads. For road transport the MHD G2 can be configured as a trailer or semi-trailer in a two, three or four file combination. The MHD G2 has been redesigned to improve load capacity by 10 percent.

Scheuerle is also exhibiting its fully hydraulic highway trailer. It has a very low deadweight and payloads of up to 113 tonnes can be accommodated. It is suited for the transport of machinery, railcars, vessels, refinery modules, construction beams, general cargo and containers. It complies with almost all US state and Canadian permit requirements.