September 17 - The TII Group is presenting a range of vehicles for logistics yards and heavy duty transports on public roads at the IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition from September 25 - October 2 in Hannover, Germany.

On display will be the Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact and the Scheuerle-Nicolas Superflex, which are used for heavy duty transports on public roads and payloads of up to approximately 120 tonnes at 80 km/h.

The EuroCompact is ideal for transport of heavy industrial and plant machinery. A large selection of compact dollies, dolly bogie units and platform trailers with different numbers of axle lines and permissible axle loads, enables operators to put together a combination depending on their needs.

The Superflex is a freely positionable axle module, which can be used, moved or removed without additional tools. Both front axle lines can be moved in 500 mm increments between the gooseneck and rear suspension when extended telescopically.


The Scheuerle-Nicolas Superflex