The average daily multipurpose time charter rate for a 12,500 dwt/F-type heavy lift vessel, according to Toepfer Transport, rose to USD22,764 in early April 2022.

TMI Apr21-Apr22

The value is a month-on-month increase of 2.02 percent. The forecast is that in six months, the rate will be down 1.93 percent. In 12 months, Toepfer expects the rate to decrease by 11.76 percent.

“The time charter rate levels are robust but due to continued uncertainty caused by the Ukraine war and the worsened outlook for the world economy, the euphoria which reigned not only in the multipurpose sector has given way to a more cautious approach in general, which is reflected in the forward TMI-P6 and TMI-P12 assessments,” said the broker.

“The demand for tonnage in the multipurpose sector is unbroken and fundamental as the global energy transition can be expected to accelerate much further with the essential need particularly in the EU to become independent from Russia’s fossil resources,” it added.