November 10 - Oberhause, Germany based transport company Timmerhaus has added a Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact 4 + 6 trailer to its fleet.

TII Sales area manager Joachim Kolb explained that the EuroCompact semi-trailer is unique in that it has a payload of up to 110 tonnes - something that is usually only possible with a modular vehicle.

"Particularly in the densely populated Ruhr region, interspersed with a wide range of weight-limited bridges, this was a real opportunity for our engineers to showcase what they are capable of," added Kolb.

Through a recessed coupling positioned between the first axle line of the dolly bogie unit, as well as other optimisations, the Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact has gained almost 1 m of extra loading length, while the combination length has remained the same. 

Together with a wide prism boom recess, a telescopic excavator deck, a spacer for the realisation of a continuous loading area, and a range of heavy-duty lashing points, the compact semi-trailer is perfectly prepared for all possible loads, claims TII Group.

The innovative extension concept features offset extensions that can be pivoted by 180 degrees, which the manufacturer says results in a particularly low loading height. 

In addition, the continuously variable fifth wheel load adjustment allows easy adaptation of the EuroCompact trailer to suit a wide range of fifth wheel loads of different tractors. The 1.5 m centre distance protects roads and bridges in spite of the high payloads, as well as simplifying approval procedures, added TII Group.

The trailer manufacturer says that the Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact is ideally suited for the transportation of crusher units, excavators and other construction equipment.