August 8 - Oversized cargo destined for Sibur's ZapSibNeftekhim polyolefin complex has arrived at the Port of Tobolsk, Russia.

Since July 22, barges loaded with equipment for pyrolysis and polyethylene production have been dispatched from the seaport of Sabetta to Tobolsk, 16 of which have been unloaded at the industrial port.

In total 30 barges loaded with oversized equipment, including 4,360-tonne boilers, 66 m high washing and distillation columns, and 87 m long butene columns, will arrive at the port in accordance with the tight schedule of summer-autumn navigation, which lasts from July to September.

The cargo, which had multiple points of origin, was transported to the facilities in Tobolsk through the Indian Ocean and along the Suez Canal, before transiting the Atlantic and Arctic oceans to Russia.

From there, the cargo was transferred to specialised barges for transport along the Northern Sea Route, and along the Ob bay and Irtysh rivers to Tobolsk.

The delivery of the equipment involved Volgo Baltic Logistics, CNIIMF, Belfreight, Sovfracht, Morvenna, Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company (OIRP), Mammoet Russia, Keystone Logistics, Deugro, and Ark Shipping.

In 2016, a total of 60,000 tonnes were delivered to the site by the Northern Sea Route from ports in South Korea, China, Japan, Italy and Germany, with transhipment at the Port of Sabetta. According to Sibur, the volume of supplies in 2017 has tripled.