January 24 - Three Terex all terrain cranes have been used to extend a floating pier at the port of Chibatao, Brazil.

The port of Chibatao is located 1,500 km inland on the Rio Negro River, in the industrial zone of Manaus. The gateway has undergone significant expansion thanks to strong industrial development in the region. Tomiasi Logistica Pesada and three of its Terex all terrain cranes were mobilised to support this development by expanding the gateway's 450 m long floating pier.

The pier can serve up to four vessels with draughts between 12 m and 20 m. The Terex cranes were used to add an additional lane to a bridge that connects the pier to land.

To complete the project the three cranes were positioned on river barges and Jander Roque, sales analyst, Tomiasi explained: "The difficulty is that we had to perform a triple lift with cranes on barges. The load of each section was between 320 tonnes and 360 tonnes. We have a Terex crawler that could do the job, if it was on land, but in this case, to distribute the load in multiple barges we used three Terex all terrain cranes, an AC 200-1, an AC 350/6 and an AC 500-2."

The bridge sections were also transported by barge to Chibatao port, where a team of eight Tomiasi employees rigged and lifted the loads.

"Operating from barges is an extremely delicate and precise operation. At Tomiasi, given our location on the Amazon, we are pretty experienced, but it never ceases to be a challenge," explained Tomiasi's Enoque Neto.

"In these operations, load monitoring is vital, that's why using three Terex all terrain cranes with IC-1 control system helps. We know the measures are precise and consistent across the cranes. With everything going as planned and no delays due to the weather we managed to complete the job in only five days," Neto added.