September 9 - A 38 m long distillation tower has been transported from the Danish port of Fredericia to DONG Energy's crude oil terminal just outside of the city.

Utility company Trefor and Danish heavy cargo specialist Give Sværgods were in charge of transporting the out-of-gauge cargo, which weighed in at a total of 140 tonnes.

The consignment consisted of the distillation tower, which weighed 37 tonnes, as well as a 28-tonne circulation tank and a 75-tonne degasser container.

The equipment was loaded onto two specialised vehicles and accompanied by police escorts en route to the jobsite.

To complete the move, traffic lights and street lighting had to be dismantled, while parking restrictions were implemented in several areas of the city.

Two distillation towers have already been transported to DONG Energy's crude oil terminal, with this delivery being the third and final of its type.