April 18 - SATI International Transport & Travel Co, one of Iran's leading heavy haulage companies has handled the transportation of a 650 tonne tower, 36 m in length and 6.1 m in diameter, from Bandar Abbas port to Shiraz in central Iran - a distance of

30 axles of hydraulic modular trailers were deployed to enable to weight of the cargo to be distributed to the satisfaction of the local highway authorities.

Strict road regulations governing heavy transportation in Iran necessitated the construction of long secondary roads to by-pass bridges, meaning that this journey took more than two months to complete.

SATI says that mountainous terrain and the lack of navigable waterways in Iran requires the transportation of heavy cargoes to be undertaken by hydraulic trailers on roads which are often quite poor; making transport a real challenge.

The company says that the country is virtually self-sufficient in equipment used for moving heavy items, with a large fleet of hydraulic trailers and traction units being available, meaning that the execution of big projects in the power, oil, petrochemical, industries, is able to progress smoothly.

SATI says that it has over 60 years of experience, and is one of the nation's forerunners in heavy lift transportation.