February 13 - The arrival of RMS Duisburg marked the official reopening of Trafford Park Docks in Manchester, UK after being closed for over ten years.

The ship brought two large silos from Germany, bound for a factory in the city. 

Esprit Warehousing & Docks, owned by businessman Graham Dixon, has invested nearly GBP250,000 (USD312,799) into refurbishing the derelict site over the last two years so that the terminal can handle cargoes carried on the Manchester Ship Canal into or out of Manchester, removing many lorries from the surrounding roads and therefore reducing congestion and pollution.

The Esprit Trafford Park Docks can handle vessels carrying up to 4,500 tonnes of bulk goods or oversized freight that is too large for normal transport by road.

Esprit has also refurbished two warehouses on the site.

Peel Ports has recently opened Port Salford for freight carried in shipping containers, so now Esprit's Trafford Park Docks has opened for bulk and oversized freight, the ship canal can cater for most types of freight.

The two large silos were collected from Rotterdam by RMS Duisburg, shipped around the south coast of England and arrived at Esprit's Trafford Park Docks in Manchester.