November 12 - Van der Vlist has completed the transport of three tram carriages for a new metro in Copenhagen using its specialist rail trailers.

The 57-tonne carriages were loaded with rail ramps onto Van der Vlist's ten-axle specialist rail trailer in Berlin and covered for protection. At times travelling against the traffic to avoid weak bridge structures on the highway, the truck travelled towards Rostock.

Upon arrival in Rostock, the 39 m long three-carriage metro was shipped to Denmark and set a record for the longest cargo taken on the ferry to Denmark, claims Van der Vlist.

En route to the Danish capital, Van der Vlist's truck became the first public vehicle to drive on the then unopened Nykøbing Falster bypass, due to tight bends and roundabouts in the city.

The 2.65 m wide by 3.5 m high carriages were then unloaded in Copenhagen directly onto the rail system.