December 30 - Transy, the Russian logistics operator that is a member of the the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), has completed the shipment and installation of a GE gas turbine and generator onto a foundation in Sredneuralsk near Ekaterinburg in Russ

Weighing 322 tonnes, the turbine was unloaded from a special modular trailer, raised six metres, then successfully installed onto its foundations in the Sredneuralsk Power Station, which is operated by OGK-5, one of the biggest electricity producers in Russia.

A Unic 1,000 tonne gantry system, specially delivered from Poland to Sredneuralsk, was used to lift the turbine and a 288 tonne generator.

Despite severe weather conditions of up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, all installation operations were completed on schedule.

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