July 24 - Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE) has demonstrated its capabilities in regards to transportation, handling and installation of heavy, indivisible items with three separate projects across a number of industrial sectors.

At Tuxpan in Mexico, ALE Heavylift de México has successfully undertaken the load out of a jacket structure weighing 660 tonnes, with a height of 25 metres and a width of 22 metres. The manoeuvre was carried out using two sets of self-propelled trailers with 22 axles and an intermediate deck.

Meanwhile, in Chile the company has successfully installed two chimneys, each weighing 185 tonnes and with a height of 85 metres at Mejillones Power Plant, 65 km from Antofagasta.

These manoeuvres were carried out using two 45 metre self-stabilising 'A' frame gantries. Each gantry was provided with a 200 tonne lifting unit and an auxiliary lifting unit for stabilisation and retention. The lifting upright and positioning of each chimney on its foundation was completed in five hours.

Finally, in Spain, ALE Heavylift Ibérica has installed a gas turbine and electrical generator at the Port of Barcelona's Combined Cycle Plant. 

Installation of the 330 tonne gas turbine and the 430 tonne electrical generator was undertaken via the use of a self-stabilising gantry which allowed the lifting, skidding and installation of the equipment onto their foundations. The gantry was equipped with four strand lifting units, each with a capacity of 500 tonnes.