November 30 - Guna Teguh Abadi (GTA) Construction has used two Goldhofer PST/SL self-propelled trailer combinations in three mega-projects in Indonesia, including the construction of a fertiliser production plant and a natural gas processing plant, and th

For the natural gas plant, which is located some 25 km from Luwuk on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, GTA used a Goldhofer PST/SL 22 self-propelled module to transport a 242-tonne cryogenic heat exchanger from its point of unloading to the plant.

With a length of 48 m, a transport height of over 6.5 m and an overall width of more than 5 m, Goldhofer explained that this was a challenging move, but no problems were encountered en route. 

For the second project - the fertiliser production plant in the Indonesian province of South Sumatra - GTA used two heavy-duty Goldhofer transporters to handle the delivery of a 630-tonne carbon dioxide absorber, a 515-tonne column and a 787-tonne ammonia converter from the port to the construction site in Palembang.

The absorber, which measured 55 m long and 6 m wide, and the column were each transported on a parallel 2 x 26 axle line combination; while the ammonia converter was moved on a single 26-axle line self-propelled combination.

The final project involved the transport of a propylene fractionator from its place of fabrication to a chemical production facility in Indonesia's Banten Province. The delivery was completed in two phases, with the first and second sections of the unit being transported separately to the plant.

The first section of the fractionator weighed 258 tonnes and measured 48 m x 5.5 m x 5.4 m; while the second section weighed in at 222 tonnes and measured 49 m x 5.5 m x 5.4 m.

Goldhofer explained that due to space restrictions at the facility, GTA had to use two multi-axle self-propelled modules in order to manoeuvre each unit into position for subsequent erection.