February 13 - Leading insurance specialist in the global freight industry, TT Club reports that innovation in the logistics sector is on the rise.

As a long-term supporter of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) Awards, TT Club sponsored the 2012 European Logistics Award that was presented to Delamode International Logistics by TT Club's development director for UK and Ireland, Brian Sullivan at a ceremony in London last month.

He commented that many companies that in the past have offered traditional freight forwarding services "now take on a much higher degree of supply chain risk and sustain greater liability by providing increasingly complex and sophisticated services".
Sullivan said the success of award-winner Delamode, points to a good example of this trend. He noted that "by re-engineering supply chains from Eastern Europe to the UK the company allowed garment manufacturers to compete on price and service with low cost manufacturers from Asia".
He added that TT Club recognises the need to support and reward quality innovation in the industry and has been a sponsor of the BIFA awards since their inception nearly 20 years ago.