April 2 - Over the course of eight weeks, Tuscor Lloyds' projects team recently shipped more than 88,000 solar photovoltaic panels from Shanghai to numerous destinations across the UK.

Despite Britain being famous for its rainy, grey and overcast weather, high levels of sunlight are making Britain a hub for clean, green energy.

Tuscor Lloyds coordinated the delivery of over 500 containers - including 40 ft flat racks, 40 ft high cube and 40 ft/20 ft general purpose containers - from Shanghai to the ports of Southampton and Felixstowe.
Strict deadlines meant that the Tuscor Lloyds team operated under extremely short lead times. The team encountered several problems that had to be quickly resolved, including numerous vessel delays affecting the pre-prepared delivery schedule and increasing pressure on the team to avoid storage charges.
The company's dedicated projects team was on site to oversee numerous deliveries, as the delicate products used in solar energy developments require specialist handling.