January 27 - On behalf of a well-known freight forwarder, Tuscor Lloyds was given the task of moving two 70 tonne steel castings for an engineering company for a large power generation project in Mexico

The job involved several heavy lifts, abnormal load transport by road, and finally the pieces were stowed on a regular container vessel as out-of-gauge cargo and shipped from the Port of Felixstowe to Vera Cruz in Mexico where oncarriage was handled by Tuscor Lloyds UK De Mexico S.A. and Icave, part of Hutchinson Ports.

All of this was achieved during one of the coldest spells of weather on record in the UK with freezing temperatures, snow and ice preventing port operations.

As can be seen from one of the pictures below, the yard was under nearly 30 cm of snow and as the vehicles came in it turned into a skating rink.