February 17 - Heavy lift shipping line, BigLift has just completed its first job with a new super fly jib, equipped with special Twaron stay cables to lengthen the crane to a radius of 55 metres.

According to the manufacturer of Twaron, the new super fly jib extends the crane on BigLift's Happy Buccaneerto a maximum lifting capacity of 350 tonnes with an outreach of 35 metres - an increase in capability of 50 percent.

Gem Wender, project engineer at BigLift said: "The specifications and conditions of Twaron exemplify the suitability of these fibres for heavy lift applications. Because of the strength, flexibility and light weight of Twaron stay cables, we were able to significantly shorten and simplify the installation of the super fly jib on the Happy Buccaneer."

Teijin Aramid's Twaron is lightweight and reportedly five times stronger than steel. The fibres are used in aFibreMax stay cables which offer some significant advantages in terms of smaller diameter, weighing less and being stronger.

HLPFI understands that this is the first time that an aramid fibre such as Twaron has been used in a marine heavy lift crane operation that complies to the requirements of 'Lloyd's Code of Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment'.