November 11 - Dutch shipowner and operator Wagenborg has taken delivery of Leuvediep (the second of seven vessels it is obtaining from compatriot shipping company, Feederlines) and renamed the ship, Leuveborg.

As HLPFI already reported, October saw the arrival of the first ship - Zijlborg - and in the coming months Vechtdiep, Vliediep, Lingediep, Loodiep and Loenerdiep will also be delivered and given a 'Borg-name'.

Equipped with ice class 1A and three box-shaped holds of 17.5 m, 25.9 m and 25.2 m, Leuveborg is suitable for worldwide trade carrying various cargoes such as forest products, breakbulk and project freight, says Wagenborg.

Leuveborg is 108.24 m in length and has a cargo capacity of 360,202 cu ft (10,199 cu m).


Leuveborg (right) is currently undergoing a paint job and will soon look like the ship on the left, Zijlborg.