June 8 - Steder Group Logistics has coordinated the shipment of two oversized tanks from Romania to a factory in Antofagasta, Chile via the port of Antwerp.

The two units, a 48.6-tonne piece measuring 9.35 m x 4.32 m x 4.5 m and a 22.38-tonne piece with the dimensions 4.38 m x 4.07 m x 4.75 m, were first transported by the shipper from a site in Romania to the port of Constanta by road.

At the Romanian port, Steder Group was responsible for the handling of the cargo, chartering of a vessel, securing and lashing onboard, and acting as port agent.

Having been loaded, the two tanks were shipped to Antwerp, before being transshipped onto another vessel for shipment to Chile.

Steder Group Logistics is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Romania.