October 8 - Houston-based Specialized Rail Transport (SRT) has completed a rail-borne heavy lift shipment that broke records and took two years in planning.

In late 2008, SRT was tasked with provide logistical and planning support for the movement of an extremely large reactor vessel using a 36-axle Schnabel railcar.

A survey of almost a dozen potential routes for the reactor to travel was undertaken by SRT and railroad companies.

After a suitable route was selected, it was surveyed to check for clearance restrictions; SRT supported the hi-rail survey crew and multiple obstacles were identified.

SRT managed the shipment upon its arrival at Chicago and through to the destination in central Kansas. Two of SRT's cabooses and a leased flat car were also supplied to support the crew and the specialised railcar on its journey south.

The reactor measured 39.62m in length, was 4.47m wide, was over 6.1m tall once loaded and weighed 625 tonnes. This was the longest shipment ever to be moved by this railcar.