United Heavy Lift (UHL) has taken delivery of the F900 Eco-Lifter UHL Fighter at the Hudong shipyard in Shanghai, China.

UHL Fighter

UHL Fighter is the 16th newbuilding in the series. The last, UHL Felicity, will be delivered to UHL in March 2022.

“We affirm our company’s commitment to contributing to an eco-friendly shipping industry by investing in fuel-efficient tonnage. We took delivery of seven identical F900 newbuildings in 2021 and are looking forward to complementing our fleet with a final F900 newbuilding in early 2022,” said Lars Bonnesen, managing director of UHL.

Once the newbuilding programme is completed, UHL will service its clients with a fleet of 17 F900 Eco-Lifter vessels. “The carbon footprint of the F900 class is 30-50 percent less compared to the existing heavy lift fleet in the market,” added Bonnesen. “The new vessels offer superior intake and crane capacity to cater to the needs of a wide range of industry clients and cargoes.”

UHL Fighter will start its maiden voyage towards Europe with container cargo. The vessel is expected to arrive in Hamburg during February 2022.