November 11 - As of 2016, Ivanica Spedition will become part of Universal Transport, operating from one of its premises in Straubing, Germany.

After 18 years of operation, company director Klaus Ivanica decided to sell the company to the heavy-duty logistics provider, based in Paderborn. He will remain the managing director of Ivanica for another year and subsequently will serve in an advisory capacity.

Ivanica has extensive experience in transporting oversize cargo via the Danube and also operates its own terminal at the Port of Straubing, equipped with a 2,000 sq m open-air storage space and a heavy-duty ro-ro ramp - all of which will now be operated by Universal Transport.

Ivanica stated: "I am pleased to be handing my company over to Universal Transport. I would like to see further company developments in terms of ship docking and business links with Turkey to be improved. In addition, I hope that the company continues to expand."

Andreas Löffert, managing director of Straubing port, added: "Mr Ivanica has accompanied us from the start in terms of heavy transport developments. Our relationship was characterised by trust and respect and we have worked together very successfully. We are delighted that Ivanica, a true heavyweight in this sector, is now being continued by Universal Transport."