August 22 - Constructed by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) in China, the floating dry dock Vigorous has arrvied in Portland, USA onboard Dockwise's semi-submersible vessel Blue Marlin.

Vigorous is expected to arrive at the mouth of the Columbia River on Sunday, from where it will make its way up to Vigor Industrial's Portland shipyard under the guidance of Columbia River Pilots.

The drydock, which will be used by Vigor Industrial to service vessels such as cruise ships, tankers and cargo ships, is being shipped to Portland in three parts onboard the Blue Marlin.

Once assembled the drydock will measure 292.6 m long.

Vigor's ceo Frank Foti says that the new drydock will allow the company to better serve a range of customers with large vessels at a time when total large-drydock capacity on the West Coast has been shrinking.

Two large vessels - Maritime Administration cargo ships - are already booked for repairs when the drydock enters service in November.

The coast guard has advised boaters to keep their distance to ensure safety while the Blue Marlin travels up the Columbia River.


Dockwise's Blue Marlin carying Vigorous.