August 20 - In the UK, the Highways Agency has upgraded its free online service for hauliers which provides a quick and easy route planning and notification system for transporting abnormal loads, in the interests of maximising road safety and reducing co

The service, known as Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL), was developed to help hauliers save time and to minimise administration costs by easily notifying the relevant road and structure owners, as well as police and other interested parties, when an abnormal load move is planned.

The service has seen a steady increase in use since its recent upgrade, with the number of communications sent to road authorities, structure owners and police by hauliers using ESDAL increasing from 14,692 in April 2010 to 26,591 in June 2010.

Some of the most popular functions requested and now implemented include: mapping and automatic route planning; online collaboration between road authorities, structure owners and police with the haulier; simplified vehicle entry on the web pages; and notification status with a transmission status page for each notification sent by the haulier.

Further information about ESDAL can be accessed at: