July 4 - Urmila Project Services recently handled a 1,000 tonne DHDS reactor using a newly-built Goldhofer self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT), writes Adam Flensborg Safikhany.

The dimensions of the DHDS reactor were 40 m x 8.42 m x 8.29 m and had a gross tonnage in excess of 1,000 tonnes. The unit was moved from Godrej's Vikhroli plant to the Godrej ro-ro jetty. Urmila deployed two 24-axle SPMTS, side by side.

Urmila had already moved seven packages in two earlier consignments, which included a 410 tonne reactor.

Urmila was established in 1982 to provide specialised services in the heavy lift sector and introduced the concept of hydraulic trailers in India by importing Goldhofer hydraulic trailers from Germany. Today operates a fleet of 96 Goldhofer axle lines and 24 Tratec axle lines, 17 prime movers, six barges, four tugs in addition to ancillary equipment required for undertaking heavy lift operations.