September 18 - UTC Overseas and Almajdouie Logistics Company have signed an exclusive agency joint venture agreement based on the companies' cooperative activities in the global project logistics field.

The UTC/Almajdouie joint venture creates a project logistics team with extensive experience in the energy, petrochemical, manufacturing, infrastructure, and power generation and distribution sectors worldwide.

Saudi Arabian company Almajdouie has handled some major logistics projects recently, including the transport of a component for the Ras Al Khair desalination plant, weighing almost 5,000 tonnes.

US based UTC operates 55 offices in in 26 countries, and has most recently opened a representative office in Algeria, which it says is a reflection of the company's expanding activities in the region.


From left to right: Liyo Cefre, national operation manager, heavy lift at Almajdouie; Humayun Mirza, general manager of heavy lift transport at Almajdouie; Mirko Knezevic, global chief operating officer at UTC; Brian Posthumus, ceo of UTC; Marco Poisler, UTC executive vice president; and Raza Esmail, UTC project advisor for the Middle East.