United Wind Logistics (UWL) will install its deck carrier VestWind with ABB’s marine advisory software OCTOPUS to support the safe transportation of large wind farm components.

The software minimises unwanted vessel motions and accelerations, helping to protect high-value payloads in transit as well as boosting vessel efficiency by optimising the route based on weather and wave conditions, said ABB.

The installation of the software on the 130 m-long vessel follows the successful application of the system on board UWL’s module deck carriers BoldWind and BraveWind, both delivered in 2020, as HLPFI reported here

ABB Ability Marine Fleet Portal will also be deployed. According to ABB, the portal allows vessel and cargo owners to view the location of assets online and provides access to reports.

Christoph Puschmann, managing director of UWL, said: “As demand for larger wind farm components grows and we are tasked with transporting heavier and ever-more expensive cargoes, the importance of motion monitoring and forecasting only increases.

“We look forward to reaping the same safety and efficiency benefits onboard VestVind as we have secured for our newbuildings BoldWind and BraveWind,” he added.