October 2 - Van der Vlist has increased its fleet of transport vehicle capable of carrying large components for the wind energy industry.

For the transport of large wind turbine blades, Van der Vlist has purchased several Nooteboom trailers, which are able to extend in order to handle blades with lengths of around 69 m, on public roads.

The Nooteboom trailers also have clamp attachments to secure the blades in place during transportation, which Van der Vlist says are adaptable to suit all major turbine manufacturers.

The company also invested in some new clamp trailers that are designed to move the tower sections of wind turbines at a height suitable for transport. The trailers can carry a section weighing up to 95 tonnes.

With these new fleet additions, Van der Vlist claims that it can comfortably transport all sections of the newer generation of larger wind turbines being built across Europe.