September 9 - Van der Vlist has transported a 50-tonne boiler, with the dimensions 16.8 m x 4.35 m x 4.35 m, from Rauma, Finland to

Having been shipped from Finland to France, Van der Vlist explained that the cargo was unable to be delivered directly to France, due to its height of 4.35 m.

In order to bring the boiler's height down, a vessel bridge trailer was necessary, but this was not feasible due to the narrow and winding roads en route.

The solution was to re-route via the Netherlands and down to the Germany-France border, where the boiler was transhipped onto an eight-axle semi-low trailer, which could navigate the roads to Épinal without any height problems.

The boiler was delivered to a combined biomass and heat power plant in Épinal, along with some other smaller parts, which were transported on semi-low trailers.