May 29 - Van der Vlist has coordinated the transport of two pump houses for a dredging vessel from Turkey to the Netherlands.

The project involved transporting an 80-tonne fully assembled pump house, which had the dimensions 5.44 m x 5.05 m x 2.74 m; as well as three pieces of the second one, weighing 52 tonnes, 30 tonnes and 11 tonnes respectively.

The units were first wrapped to protect them from weather conditions, before being lifted onto semi low loaders in Ankara and transported by road to Derince port.

At the Turkish port, the cargo was lifted onto Mafi trailers and once Customs clearance was arranged, the pump houses were loaded onto a ro-ro vessel for shipment to Zeebrugge.

On arrival in Zeebrugge, the complete pump house was transhipped onto a barge for the final leg of its journey into the Netherlands, while the second pump house parts were loaded onto Van der Vlist's trailers for transport to the site by road.