September 3 - Van der Vlist has coordinated the shipment of a large access bridge destined for a drilling rig, from the Netherlands to China.

The access bridge, which weighed approximately 90 tonnes, could not travel by road due to its huge dimensions (35.5 m x 7 m x 9 m) so had to be barged across to the port of Antwerp for transshipment to the Far East.

Two mobile cranes were hired to load the cargo from the quayside onto the barge. The size of the access bridge meant that a direct route to Antwerp was not possible and the cargo was required to make a detour down wider waterways.

Upon arrival in Antwerp, the unit was lifted from the barge onto a vessel by the ship's two cranes and shipped to Shanghai.

Some smaller pieces of the bridge were shipped from Rotterdam to Shanghai in containers.