April 2 - Volga-Dnepr Airlines has carried over 200 tonnes of project cargo from Japan to Thailand to help with the reconstruction of Honda's assembly facilities after they were severely damaged in floods at the end of 2011.

The series of three AN-124-100 cargo flights, each carrying a payload up to 70 tonnes, operated from Nagoya and Osaka airports in Japan to the Thai capital, Bangkok on behalf of Honda Logistics Inc.

Tak KonitaVolga-Dnepr's representative in Japan, says: "As always, we were able to ensure we met the customer's requirements for safe and on-time deliveries to the destination thanks to the detailed work carried out by our technical team. It took 13 hours to place the equipment inside the aircraft on each of the first two flights and six hours for the third flight."

Three months of heavy rain affected about a third of Thailand's province at the end of last year, causing devastating flooding which claimed more than 500 lives. Farmland was destroyed and tens of thousands of people were forced from their homes. Large parts of the capital Bangkok were also flooded.