November 14 - Wagenborg has transported a 260-tonne transformer from Nuremberg to Diele in Germany, and installed it at the substation.

The transformer was transported from its manufacturer in Nuremberg to the port of Rotterdam by an inland waterway vessel. Upon arrival in Rotterdam, a floating crane lifted the transformer from the vessel and onto an 18-axle modular trailer.

The trailer was then driven onto a pontoon, and delivered to Bingum in Germany, also via inland waterways.

Wagenborg explained that due to heavy fog an inland waterway vessel collided into a bridge located on the Eemskanaal near Groningen, and temporarily blocked the transport route. Despite the delay, the shipment was concluded safely.

On arrival in Bingum, the transformer was rolled off the pontoon and transported by road to the station in Diele.

At the substation the load was driven under a 500-tonne capacity gantry crane, which lifted the transformer off the trailer. The transformer was finally pulled into place using hydraulic tirfors (portable manual hoists/winches used with wire rope).