January 20 - Wagenborg has transported eight platform sections from Salzbergen to Bremen, Germany destined for the Nord See One offshore wind farm, located approximately 40 km north of Juist island.

Accompanied by police escorts, the 11 m wide platform sections were delivered by road from Ibbenbüren to Uffeln, which required the highway between Salzbergen and Ibbenbüren to be closed off.

On arrival at the port of Uffeln, a 130-tonne capacity mobile crane was used to load the platform parts onto a barge for shipment to Bremen via the rivers Rhine, IJssel, IJsselmeer and Eems.

At the end of 2015, Wagenborg transported seven identical platform parts for the Nord See One wind farm.

The end of January and mid-February 2016 will see Wagenborg transport another eight parts. Eventually, 31 platform parts in total will be transported to Bremen by Wagenborg.